RUs wishing to access public rail infrastructure must satisfy the following terms and conditions:

  • hold a valid license issued by a licensing authority of a Member State,
  • hold a valid Single Safety Certificate issued by the European Union  Agency for Railways (ERA) or by the safety authority of the Republic of Slovenia.
  • have a track access contract and a contract for track access to service facilities with the Infrastructure Manager.

Before RUs can start running trains on the rail network, they also needs to enter into the following contracts with the Infrastructure Manager:

  • service level agreement,
  • contract on infrastructure charges (also known as ‘track access charges’),
  • contract on the performance regime in rail,
  • electricity contract,
  • contract on the supply of GSM-R services.

Details about access to public rail infrastructure and contact information of the Infrastructure Manager can be found in the network statement. More information is available from the one-stop shop.


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