Level crossing is a crossing of a categorised or uncategorised public road, which is put into use for road traffic (hereinafter: road), and a railway line at the same level, which does not include access to platforms and service crossings.

Level crossings are regulated and abolished in accordance with the conditions prescribed in the applicable regulations of the Republic of Slovenia together with road operators. The regulation or abolition is checked by the commission for level crossings, appointed by the Ministry of Infrastructure, whose members are operators of roads and public railway infrastructure, the local community, representatives of the Ministry of the Interior and security agencies.

Level crossing equipment


Number of all level crossings


Level crossings, secured by an automatic safety device


Level crossings, secured by automatic light signalling


Level crossings, secured by a mechanical device and sound and light signalling


Level crossings, secured by a barrier rod


Level crossings, marked with a St. Andrew's cross

Status as of 31/12/2022