Depending on the purpose of use, buildings can be classified into the following groups:

Building Number
Railway passenger and mixed type stations 228
Railway freight stations 10
Traffic management buildings 82
Power supply stations 22
Residential buildings 35
Buildings for the manager's needs (business premises, workshops, material warehouses, auxiliary facilities…) 841
TOTAL 1,213

Most of the building maintenance activities are related to the management and maintenance of passenger stations, which are classified into four categories based on the number of passengers. The equipment of railway passenger stations and stops is prescribed in the Rulebook on the equipment of railway stations and stops (Official Gazette of the Republic of Slovenia 72/2009). The number of passenger stations by category is:

Station category Number
Category 1 1 (Ljubljana)
Category 2 15
Category 3 43
Category 4 205

As part of the management, conduct and execution of maintenance work at railway passenger stations and stops, we ensure their normal operation and, as a result, take care of passenger satisfaction with services at passenger stations and stops. As part of the passenger stations and stops management, we carry out: cleaning of passenger stations and stops, security of passenger stations, landscaping at passenger stations and stops, carrying out maintenance work on the buildings of railway stations and stops.